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Getting Started With Unity and Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is incredibly immersive and a blast to play with. The Oculus Quest 2 has made it more accessible than ever before. Best practices for setting up your environment and building a game have changed frequently enough that it can be hard to find current tutorials and examples without getting confused.

Developing for the Oculus Quest


Everyone wants to talk about consumer VR. I just want to make some games.

Exploring - Performance tuning for mobile VR


Whatever you learned tuning the performance for mobile or for desktop or console games might not apply to mobile VR.

Working with Unity and GitHub


Working with Unity makes development easy. You can quickly prototype a game and show it off. But what if there are multiple developers. Storing your source code on GitHub makes collaboration easy; but there are a lot of tradeoffs when working with larger assets and projects.

Unity Multiplayer Virtual Reality with Normcore


What's better than Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality with friends. Even the most basic games become more fun when played together. Learn how to quickly setup a multiplayer VR game with Normcore and Unity.

Unity VR Patterns


Unity VR Patterns