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Deploying Gatsby to GitHub Pages


Create a repository on github If you don’t already have an account on GitHub, create one. For me, my username is jeffrafter. You can sign up for a free account and still host your blog. Note: by default, your username will be part of the URL for your blog. We can change that later. Next, create a new repository and name the repository . For me, I’ve named mine . Build and push Once you’ve created the repository you need to add it as an to your local copy: Again, using GitHub Desktop can simplify pushing code as it manages your login. Pull requests and branches Custom domains

Building a Static Gatsby-based Website with TypeScript


Creating a static website involves an almost infinite set of choices. I've upgraded several sites to Gatsby (including this one) finding a way to integrate TypeScript as part of the journey. Gatsby leverages React, JSX, CSS-in-JS, GraphQL and many other modern approaches to building sites.